About Jalaram Khaman House

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A Recipe of Test, Quality and Time Accuracy means a lot to Jalaram Khaman House, which has always aimed extremely important to maintain such attributes, placing unwavering efforts in approaching to various taste buds that our clients would always search for in our food. Since an establishment dating back in 1979, we have never turned back but only kept going ahead, serving our food lovers through an ever maintained palate and class of our food.

Mainly, we are the Khaman Specialist and are happy to be claimed as one of the largest Khaman manufacturers in Valsad – India. We have also been extensively dealing with preparing many types of Gujarati Dishes, Farsan and Namkeen according to market movements.

Those attempts that Mr. Dhirajlal M Popat (an honorable founder of Jalaram Khaman House) had instigated earlier are greatly being now promoted and further carried forward by two young, hardworking entrepreneurs Mr. Chirag Popat and Mr. Kartik Popat through an energy and commitment like never felt before.

  • To offer an exceptional gourmet food within excellent taste, texture, quality and health concerns
  • To unleash more assurance and focus on new heights of food innovations